Thursday, October 6, 2016

At Home in Provence

Plane's, train's and automobile's. The key clicks as I turn it in the lock and opens onto this:

It feels like a tiny, private museum perfectly curated and edited to the finest taste.

Vignettes everywhere I turn...

La Cuisine...a perfectly outfitted kitchen

A settee in antique celadon-colored velvet.

Bleached antique sideboard filled with cutlery, tea cups and wine glasses. A tapestry covered bergere chair. The museum quality painting (which is done no justice in the photo) was found, as were all things outfitting this charming home, at a local brocante. It is a typical Provencal scene, it's the view flashing by when you look out the window of the train, it is just outside the door, it is the vista at the end of every narrow, winding street in the village.

The dining table (featuring my way-out-of-context laptop.) 

Stone stairway curves it's way to the bedroom.

Crisp linens, crowned with the softest antique silk duvet.

Hand wrought iron scroll fencing guards the stairwell ledge.

Enormous hand-hewn tree-trunk beams in the ceilings.
Nightstand Vignette

Madam presides over all.

Salle de bain. 
The massive copper tub is as long as I am tall-a good 5 feet and nearly as tall, necessitating the huge, raw stepping stone.

I've never felt so completely, restfully, restoratively, at home.

More to come (I'll be here 6 weeks,) including details about how you can rent this magical house, the local ambience and, of course, the weekly win a brocante treasure contest happening every Friday during my trip. 


  1. Oh love your photos! hope you enjoy every moment of your stay. And yes the brocante is nearby: A bus to Aubagne and then a taxi, or at least an hour walk away.

  2. Clearly your heart is singing! I know you are completely at home amidst such perfect ambiance. So happy for you! ~~ Alannah

  3. Absolutely breat taking! Miss you.

  4. Oh Jackie! I knew this was Corey's newly renovated place as soon as I saw it! You lucky duck!:) I hope you have a fabulous time and know that your stay here will be the icing on the cake!

  5. Jackie, the house looks great! I love it. As you said, it is "magical." I also like the pictures of the honey shop. I am sure any treat from the shop is delicious; that's the power of honey, yum yum...
    Sounds like you are having a great time over there; I am glad for you. Enjoy the rest of your stay, and most importantly, rest, rest...and rest even more :)