Friday, October 7, 2016

Honey Your're a Winner!

VINCENS NOUGATS, St. Zacharie, France

There is a shop in this village of 5,000 people, that specializes in local organic honey. Gathering honey from bee keepers in Aix, Collobrieres, Vallensole and other local villages, they use it to make all kinds of sweet treats.

When I opened the door and stepped in, the proprietress welcomed me with a "Bonjour Madam." She brought out a silver tray laden with honey in several flavors (my favorite was nougat, lavender was a close second.)

There were soaps, lotions, shampoo, face creams...raw pollen, beeswax candles, honey bonbon's, honey marshmallows and even honey wine.

They sell books about beekeepers around the world and the routes honeybee's travel.

But the thing I loved the best was the honey nouget.

Vincen's Nougat of St. Zacharie, France is a fourth generation, family-owned, family-run business.

Because I didn't make it to the Brocante this week (it's been a bit hectic since I arrived!) I am sending my first prize winner a gift of honey nouget from Vincen's.

Congratulations Laura of 52 Flea. Send me your snail mail address.


  1. Don’t know if I am answering on the blog—trying!!!—but I loved the house in Provence, and the scenic pictures of that area—Never been there—wish I had. Barbara from Arizona.

  2. Thank you! I will look forward to this delicious treat. How very kind of you Jackie!

  3. Jackie, I too visited Vincent Nougats after being prompted by Corey. I was so involved in my conversation with Madame that I neglected to take any photos. I am writing a paper for a class and would like to include your photo of Madame and the one of the shop. May I have your permission to do so if I credit the photo to you? I am not using this for anything other than writing this paper. I am a teacher and this is one of my professional development classes. I appreciate your time. Great blog!