Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Come fly with me...and win a prize, fresh from the French brocante!

Up up and away...

I'm heading to France for a bit of "R and R." Leaving on 10/5 and returning in time for Thanksgiving 11/19.

Air France, the TGV, Petanque, great food, and the brocante! I will visit as many brocantes as I can. I will post pictures and buy some trinket or two or ten and send something each week to blog readers. Leave a comment to have your name added to the list. 

Here are some items purchased at the brocante on previous trips:

 These two photos were taken by Laura at 52Flea. Brocante treasures...

So if you'd like a chance to win a bit or bob, leave a comment.

I'll be staying in Aubagne, in the south. 

Photos from google images/an Aubagne travel website.

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  1. I definitely want pictures of every place you go! Daily:)