Sunday, July 15, 2012

The booth at Brim...

The theme was mannequins and display domes
Antique French iron bed
Another view of the mannequins, some are French, some American, most full scale and 2 are half scale.

One of my favorite domes, large but short...

Industrial offerings
More industrial stuff
Linens and a painting on board (all from France.)

White vertical drawers and a factory shoe rack.

Verre du Cure on a tabletop
I fell in love with the sculptural quality of this hoop!
Shoe rack with bits and pieces, this and that.

Suitcases from the Meyer Co. of NYC, they're still in business!
Dome love
 The parting Brimfield shot, this pretty much sums it up:)

Many, many thanks to our wonderful  customers and to New England Motel for making our July 2012 show a great success.


  1. That hoop skirt is a work of art! (And we thought we had it bad when we wore pantyhose.) Hope the show was a great success.

  2. What a wonderful display Jackie!
    I see a few favorites (wink wink)!
    Hope to see you soon!!

  3. JACKIE your booth looks amazing! Wow! What size did do you have! I hope you had a great show! With a booth like that I'm sure you did!