Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Brimfield Update

Brimfield is lots of fun and loads of work...some highlights:
We were on our way to our motel last night when I saw 2 boys at the side of the road manning a decidedly home-made roadside stand. Thinking they were selling lemonade I made Steve (patient hubs) screech to a halt, make a quick "U" turn and go back. We got to the stand, I hopped out and walked up to their bright red wagon.

Me: "Hi, guys, are you selling lemonade?"

Them: "Nope, we're sellin' fish!"

Me: "Huh?"

Them: "Fish...we're sellin' fish. Our neighbor took us fishin' today and this is what we caught. We got 2 of 'em."

With that one of the boys reached into a bucket full of muddy water and picked up a small, slippery fish (which immediately wiggled out of his grasp and plopped down into the bed of the wagon.

"Oops," he said.

Me: "How much?"

Them: "We're asking fifty bucks."

Me: With absolute shock on  my face, "Wow, well, I can't take a fish, but I will give you fella's a donation for being so enterprising."

I just love the sheriff's badge and pilots wings on the young man holding the fish. 

I've been very busy, but here are a few shots from my booth at Brimfield:
A grand hoop made of cloth covered wire (for a hoop skirt.)
A French bed (twin size, made of iron) don't you just love the scroll work on the legs?
A collection of dress forms, some French, some American, most full scale, a couple half scale

I had several Vintage French Chemise's, which sold pretty quickly. I love them with jeans and a chunky belt.

I'll try to get a few more shots tomorrow when it's less busy...


  1. The booth looks amazing, of course I love the dress forms. Hope to be there on Friday.

  2. Hey all looks so wonderful! I love that wire hoop thing! Hope you have a great sale! :)

  3. What a great story about the boys and their fish! Heartwarming!