Monday, September 20, 2010


I love the English magazine, Gardens Illustrated for layout and plant pairings. I love the French magazine Campagne Decoration for the photographs, inspirational layouts, and the opportunity to work on my French. The New Yorker, for my money it has the best writing (not to mention the cartoon caption contest.) Oprah has a provided a stellar reading list over the years, as well as exceptional advice on timely topics (her show about adolescents and sex is better than anything I've seen from a "professional.") Edible Rhody is a fun local magazine full of great recipes and interesting road trips-see if there is an "edible" mag in your area, they are all over the country. Last but not least, Somerset Home magazines offer inspiration and tutorials that keep the left side of my brain alive.

So, what do my magazine choices say about me? I like to read, garden, cook, eat and decorate. I am a locovore, I look for advice on home and family issues, and I  need a creative outlet.

What do your magazines say about you?


  1. I love Romantic Homes, Romantic Country, Traditional Homes, Country Living, Coastal Living and Southern Living.
    I guess this says I have a serious craving for decorating! LOL!

    I also love taking a sneek peek at some of those gossip mags while standing in line at the
    grocery store!


  2. Oh, me too Sissie. I hate to admit it but I love looking through the "rags" while I wait in the checkout line.

  3. Hello Jackie,
    To answer your question about the Brimfield show, It is the first field across from the church. It is on the same side of New England Motel. I can't remember the name of the field. But they have two enormous tents. The first one faces the street and is full of hundreds of vintage clothing...and when you walk towards the back of it you can see the other one I blogged about. So pretty! Hope this helps:)
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  4. Hello - I jsut found your comment on my 'Many little things bag', which you left over a month ago - so sorry to be late'! First things first: I bought it at a shop in Toulouse, which has this excellent website:

    Unfortunately, I can't see the bag on their website, but maybe you will find it there!

    Secondly, I love Campagne Decoration too - it's certainly my favourite French magazine. I also adore my birthday subscription to English Country Living, and really enjoyed the only American Country Living that I read. By complete contrast, my husband buys the New Scientist and I also really enjoy reading that!

  5. Hey Jackie,
    I always read Somerset Life, Romantic Homes, Victoria, any new Stampington magazines, Cooking Light and any good food related mag., Traditional Home, Veranda, Romantic Country Living, Tea, Birds and Bloom, English Country Gardens I love magazines, so much inspiration. Le Vie Clare is also a favorite. Wish it came out every month.

  6. Hi Jackie! My absolute favorite is Jeanne d'Arc magazine for it's lovely French/Nordic decor. Hope to see you soon with one in hand to barter! Roberta

  7. Hi Jackie! I love all the English versions of Country Home Living, and the English Country Gardens. I do get a lot more, it can be a real compulsive matter just like my junking habit. HUGS MARY