Friday, September 17, 2010

Introducing Ludwiga Covert

These handbags are made by Ludwiga Covert of Ludwiga's Linens (just google it and you'll find her toute suite!) I have loved these bags since I first laid eyes on them. Made from Antique grain sacks, linen, mangle cloth and bridal leather, they are the epitome of style, comfort, green living and fair trade. German grain sacks are being snapped up by designers quicker than they can be pulled out from under the floorboards of old barns.  Because there is a limited supply of grain sacks, and one day they'll be all gone (sadly.) I believe these bags will only increase in value over the years...

Check out Ludwiga's website for handbags and all of the other beautiful items she makes-all by hand. Of course you can also purchase one of these, they are $270 (free shipping within the lower 48.)

Ludwiga is currently in Germany. When she returns, after meeting with museum curators and textile experts, I hope to post additional information on German grain sacks.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh I love love these bags. I am going to save my quarters till I get enough to buy one of these bags. I can just see me carring it everywhere.
    It just makes my day to see beautiful items like these bags. such beauty