Friday, January 16, 2009

First things first

The first thing I do every morning (well, after giving kids breakfast and getting them on the bus) is to check out what my blogs have to say. It's always inspiring to read what people are doing and thinking. My favorites for inspiration and introspection are The Fabric of Sweet Repose, Lulu's, The Vintage Moth and Time Worn Interiors. Amazing how much talent there is out there. Vintage Moth gives out free clipart that will jump start your creativity, Fabric of Sweet Repose (Sharon) writes things that will get you thinking, and Time Worn Interiors (Theresa) puts together vignettes that you'll go back to again and again to take in their beauty. Of course Lulu's gives me a chance to visit the south of France each and every morning:)

The cutie patootie in the photo is "fille du fermier" at Bliss Farm Antiques. I got her pic on ebay, she's from France and her name is Jacqueline! I'll soon have photos of my handbags, pillows, sachets, etc. (which I make out of vintage and antique French textiles.) I believe I was born in France in a previous life...and no, I'm not a metaphysical nut case. I took French in high school, it came easily to me. I felt comfortable "inside" the language. I am not fluent in French, far from it. But I still study (on my own and at the local community college) and love the sounds of French. I dream of marche du puce (the flea markets of Paris) and know one day I'll visit them.

Before I agreed to marry my husband, Steve, I made him promise me we would one day live in France-for a minimum of a year:) We got married in Scotland and honeymooned in Ireland. I wanted to "find my roots" so we went to County Cork. I spoke to a parish priest who told me, to my surprise and delight, my "roots" were in France! Apparently in the 1700's the French went to Ireland (both being catholic countries) to help oust the British (protestant.) They were not successful, but some of the French stayed around-my relatives among them. My name, Lantry, was originally Launtrec...Lantry being the Irish brogue of Launtrec. My paternal grandfather's name was Hubert Maurice, which lends credence to the story. I believe it, credence or fits into my fantasy! And, no, I'm not a metaphysical nut case:)


  1. Funny you should mention past lives, I was just telling someone the other day about the dreams I used to have about me and a sister that were healers and used to travel through England and Ireland, dragging a two wheeled cart full of potions and herbs, for healing man and beast...haven't had one for awhile, but I thought how very 'ME' it was, as I do have a natural gift for healing animals and myself...mostly common sence I think...but the legend of the two sisters is far more you suppose we met Johnny Depp in some of our travels???ha...

    Thanks for the compliment on the poem...when I have bloggers fog, I pick a picture and write something funky, that piece was fun to do.

    I'll be changing the name of your blog ASAP...glad I figgered it out...

    Theresa called me after I posted you on my blog and just freaked out, said she couldn't believe who I was writing about..."I know her", she gave you wonderful reviews...

    Talk to ya soon...

  2. How strange I came to your blog for the first time just now and last night I started reading Joyce Carole Oates novel "We were the Mulvaney's" in which the mother runs an antique shop on a farm! I love coincidences!

  3. You didn't tell me you had a blog! I so look forward to reading all of it.
    I hope you get to France one of these days, Jackie!