Monday, January 19, 2009

How old are you?

Love the thread "how old are you" by Leslie. This how old I am
TV's broadcast in black and white-only.
My mom perched precariously on the roof to adjust the antenna, while we 8 kids-strategically placed from open window upstairs to the TV downstairs, yelled "Yes, that's it, a little more to the left, good, good, NO! go back, there, good, it's good!"
Mom and dad both smoked, in the car, with the windows up, and wondered why the kids got carsick.
Mom stayed home, dad went out to work.
The avon lady rang the doorbell and came to visit every week or so.
There was no velcro
We had a party-line telephone, that's one phone. Attached to the kitchen wall. If you were really up to date you had an extra long curly cord that allowed you to walk around the room while you talked.
We rode to church, in dresses, in the back of dad's pickup truck.
You had to wear a veil or hat to church, if you forgot your veil you had to put a tissue on your head with a bobby pin.
We wore curlers to bed (round things with scratchy wire inserts that hurt like hell.)
We used the iron and ironing board to straighten our hair.
We used encyclopedia's to do book reports for school.
8 track tapes
no malls (think of that it has "mauled" society.)
How old are you??

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  1. You're killin' me here...makes my curler-wracked head sigh...same scenario on the TV antenae, to which our THREE black and white stations could be watched till midnight...when that wretched sound could be heard. Having to wear skirts to school in freezing cold weather, with nylons and garter belts...girdles and pointy Playtex bras...thank God for Women's Lib!

    But I'd go back to those simple times anyday...hardly use the micro-wave anyway...just don't take away my computer and my blog!

    Ha! Great post!