Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Name Change!

Hello folks!

We are changing our name from Five Acre Farm to "Bliss Farm Antiques." We needed a name that could do it all-be incorporated in the great state of Massachusetts, be a "blogspot" and be a webpage. The Bliss part comes from the fact that our house and shop are on land that has been passed down through the Bliss family since the 1600''s. My husbands mom was a bliss and they gave us this land when we got married (thank you, thank you, thank you.) We also love the idea behind the word Bliss. It conjures up thoughts of peace and happiness and joy. We'll soon have the website up and running, can't wait! Until then, I'm working like crazy getting ready...well, not all the time. In fact right now I'm drinking a McCafe mocha and eating pims orange and chocolate cookies. I suppose it's time to stop now as the cookies are gone! Have a great day everyone!