Saturday, July 5, 2014

Divine Providence Redux, Saturday July 5th, 2012

Favorite things from the Farmers Market on Hope St. in Providence:

Favorite vendor: 
Hands down my favorite vendor this week was Mr. Lucas Smith. He describes himself as an "Origamist" and told me he has been practicing origami since he was about 9 years old. He subscribes to a few UTube channels to learn to learn the tricks of the Origami trade. Several options were available, I chose a crown. I also got a clone of said crown...kind of a mini-me version. His sidekick, I think his name was Jacob, was a charming addition. I could have listened to them converse all day.

My origami crown with it's clone.

Favorite Superhero:
'Nuff said!

Favorite Veg.
It's a tie!
Kholrabi, who knew it was so delish? It's a stealth veg-it sneaks up on you. One of those veggies that, because it looks weird, you never try but after the first try it becomes a regular in the dinner table summer veg rotation. I par-boil, then saute in olive oil, a pat of butter and crushed garlic. Dash it with sea salt and voila! Delicious and good for you too.

Swiss Chard, it's yummy and it takes a lovely photo too. I give it the same treatment I give the Kholrabi-a swim in a pool of olive oil, butter, sea salt and voila! Ready to slurp.

Favorite Flowers:
Delphinium, foxglove and Hollyhock, just $6 each! From Woodstock Farms

Favorite Fried Food:

Vegetables, deep fried with Indian spices...mine! We also got Pesto Nan, warm from the sun and fragrant with the heady scent of basil (my husband is a major bread-head, he loved it.)

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