Thursday, April 19, 2012

Home again

I am back from France,  some photos to whet your appetite...and a winner to be announced by the weekend!
                 There was good shopping!

There was great food!

There were interesting sights!

Even a flirtation! Mon Dieu! Yes, that IS a french gendarme!


  1. Oo la la! Cannot wait to hear all about it!!!!:)

  2. Ooooh la la! Such Flirtation! What lovely photos - can't wait to see more. Welcome back.

  3. I no such encounter with a French policeman when I was there. The closest I came to that was stumbling into 'naked night' at a Paris club.

  4. Welcome home!!! can't wait to hear ALL the details of your fabulous trip. You had me with the dessert photo!!! all are grest & looks like you had a wonderful time. see you soon~xo chris