Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Un prix, un trésor...

Look at what I found in May. A light that was once outside a purfumerie in Paris. It is 2 1/2' tall.  When I go to Paris in October I plan to go to the purfume museum and do some the meantime, if anyone can tell me anything about Chalin Parfums Paris, you will get a spectacular prize...hmm...what shall it be? Perhaps a gift certificate to Bliss Farm Antiques?


  1. That is a great find. When you Google it, Bliss Farm comes up second and third. Not much information out there, is there?

  2. I just love it Jackie! Great color and subject matter....who doesn't love French perfume! :)

  3. All I know is that it is fabulous!

  4. What a treasue. Two of my daughters, my best friend and I were there in May as well. A first trip for my girls and the second for Hillarie and I. We saw so many lovely things. We are already saving for next year.



  5. about the only reference I came across was "Poudre Chalin" - a perfumed powder. I was at the perfume factory in Eze, France, last year - would have been interesting to see if it was referenced there.

    wanda in NH

  6. Thanks Wanda! That's more information than I had previously, and a great "clue." I'll be sending a prize your way, please let me know what your "snail mail" address is.