Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lurkers...tell me a little somthing about you...

I am intrigued by the people who visit my blog but don't follow it and don't leave comments. Especially when they are from some exotic locale-like Yokohama, Japan; or Paris, France.

Please, if you stop by tell me something about yourself, why you stop by my blog and maybe become a follower...I'll reciprocate-promise!:)


  1. ha ha ha...nothing exotic here! Just good ol Utah, USA

    i check on your blog whenever you post.

    thanks for posting such yumminess!




  2. I stop by to see the pretties you post and hope to visit the shop someday. Just here in Central Illinois.


  3. Just an old reformed hippie (no long hair, and pot makes me too sleepy any more), living in South Florida with my manfriend (too old to be a boyfriend). Born in Chicago. I volunteer at a no kill animal shelter, and write stupid little stories that I put in my blog.

  4. Hi
    I am a new blogger a month long event now.

    Middle aged, fun loving and in love for 30 years with old, vintage anything.

    Grew up in southern Illinois since have lived in maybe 7 states and 17 cities

    Going south in a couple weeks for a vacation.

    Love dogs


  5. Just a hop, skip and jump away from you on Cape Cod. Just love your stuff, great stuff, pretty stuff, fun stuff... you know. (I already follow you)