Saturday, September 11, 2010


Fall is my favorite season in New England. The sun is low in the sky bringing warm weather with cool breezes. The trees start to glow with yellow and orange leaves, geese in a V-form fly overhead. My kids take to the soccer field for the rec league and I stand at the sidelines, steam rising in curling wisps from a cup of hot coffee warming my hands.
Open Th/Fri 12-5, and Sat/Sun 10-5

Bookends, books (always in French)

Antique French silk on silk embroidery

Antique door knockers

Vintage (1955) French notebooks from a school girl,  Cahiers, ecole primary

Vintage safety deposit boxes, with keys

Vintage French books, vintage bookends


  1. Looks great Jackie! I love fall and love being on the soccer field too! Hope to see you at the WCS soon!

  2. I do miss Autumn. We don't get it until sometime around the first week of January here in Florida. It lasts about three days, when the oak tree sheds it's leaves. Of course the new leaves are already growing by the time the last leaf falls.