Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bonjour, comment ca va? Bien? Bon! Moi aussi!

My French lessons are going nicely. I continue to make mistakes (faux pas) which I am generously calling my bon mots (translation: whitticisms or clever remarks.) Example:

I wanted to say:
The baguette doesn't have preservatives (La baguette n'a pas des préservatifs.)

I actually said:
The baguette doesn't have condoms. Yes, dear readers, preservatif is "condom" in French...who knew? Pas moi!

Now down to business: I'm sure you've all heard of "Sacre Coeur" (the Sacred Heart in French.) There is a famous cathedral in Paris by that name and-the French being largely Catholic-a central theme in French homes and families through the ages. I have frequently seen memorials and dedications made to the Sacred Heart. Example:
Disclaimer: you know my French is "iffy" at best, but this is what I believe it says Something about ridding oneself of previous loves and asking for the sacred heart to give her (him?) a turn at true love. All you fluent French speakers out there, please translate for us! There is a fuzzy date that looks like 1817 at the bottom.

The watercolor, pen and ink drawing is done on "rag" handmade paper, measures 9X11, and is nearly 200 years old! It is charmingly done in a self-taught, naive style.


  1. Hello Jackie, great photos. Have a nice day. sandi

  2. This is soooo pretty! I love all your french flubs...makes me feel more human!

  3. This watercolor is a pure treasure. I love the sacred heart representation.
    Bonne chance with your french classes

  4. My Dear Sweet Friend, I think the translation says, You need to hurry back to Rehoboth in order to feed your family some really good French food! Knowing (some) Chinese, I think it's similar! Kind of like perservatif, who knew, pas moi! Don't eat the baguettes, xxxxxxx