Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Your husband is what!???

I take French lessons at the Alliance Francaise in Providence. My last assignment was to write a paragraph about my best friend. I told the teacher:

"Mon meilleur ami est Steve, il est aussi mon mari.
(My best friend is Steve, he is also my husband.)

"Il est grand, avec les yeux verts et les cheveux
(He is tall with green eyes and grey hair...)

My teacher (Claire) was enthusiastic and nodding her approval...

"Il est un photographe de journal"
(He is a newspaper photographer.)

"Il aime les automobiles ancien, et J'aiment des marches aux puces."
He loves antique automobiles and I love flea markets"

I was doing so well, my accent was flawless...my hours of study were surely paying off.
In my enthusiasm I decided to "wing it" for the last sentance and, since my husband is very good looking, tell her he was "hot" as we say in America...

Il est chaud! I said proudly.

Really? said the teacher, laughing...
He's horny?

Apparently one country's "hot" is another country's "horny."


  1. I love starting the day with a good laugh. That was too funny! Love it.

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  3. That is a great story! Fabulous way to start a day...laughing! I was reading my good friend Stephanie Lloyd's blog and she mentioned you so I thought I would stop over and say hi. I like your blog. I'm a fairly new blogger.

  4. Now that is just too funny...lucky man to have such an adoring wife!

  5. Jackie you are so funny! Do you feel better? Hope so!

  6. Somehow,it makes perfect sense to me, hot and horny, what do the french know.!!!!!!!!! He's stunning, just like you!xxxxxx Maggie

  7. Lucky woman. Not everyone's husband is chaud.