Sunday, November 6, 2016


My friend Corey and her husband Yann (affectionately called "french husband") recently bought a fisherman's cottage in the heart of Cassis. Overlooking the port, it is a pied-a-terre extraordinaire. We arrived later in the day and the light was not great. I did get some pictures and videos, though they don't accurately reflect the atmosphere of magical Cassis. I guess I'll just have to return. Did you hear that Corey? Yann?

Rocky cliff-tops sprout buildings.

photo via google photo

Their's is the place nearly smack dab in the middle, with the blue shutters.

Bonjour mon frere et ma soeur!

Two of the nicest people I've ever met...and through blogging of all things! 

Cassis has an untamable wildness about it. You can see it in the sea, the cliffs, the ancient buildings...the cobbled streets. 

Cassis as evening falls. Every glance is a photograph. 
I am smitten.

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