Sunday, February 9, 2014

Parisian Apartment Untouched for 70 years!

I recently read about an apartment in Paris that went untouched for more than 70 years.  Mrs. DeFlorian, the owner of the Pigalle apartment, locked the door and left for the south of France as WWII was approaching. She paid the rent but never returned...
Look at the peeling damask wallpaper, the stunning carved mirror (with lights!) the silk draperies and Persian rugs. 

And the books! Music books, newspapers, stacks of magazines, a bookcase full of you see the hint of a marble fireplace on the right? The petit point chairs...

And a painting by Italian 19th century artist Giovanni Boldini from 1894 of actress Marthe DeFlorian (who, as it turned out was the grandmother of the owner of the apartment.) Piles of love letters, wrapped in silk ribbon were discovered-from Boldini to DeFlorian...They were lovers!

My favorite photograph by far...her dressing table!
The snuffed candles, the bottles and bottles of lotions and potions, hairbrushes, clothes brushes, a tiny clock...the time is 9:24, I can hear it ticking, ticking, ticking...slowing, slowing, slowing down until it finally stops..frozen in time.
Did you notice her diminutive stool just beneath? And what of the tortoise shell box on the right? 
Can you imagine what manner of treasure lies within?

The impossibly thin, delicately curved leg of a ladies table.

It also held oddities of the time
A taxidermy ostrich alongside Mickey Mouse and Porkie Pig.

 Images and information from The Telegraph/Uk
original story found here:

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