Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer's end...

With summer coming to an end I am posting a few more pix of my beloved New England...
I love the sound of our screendoor, screeeeching it's way open and then the *!SLAM*! when it closes... kids coming in, kids going out...
Usually on their way back and forth from the pool...

Favorite Summer screen door slamming recipe:

When the sun is low in the sky and shadows long and stretched out, put your biggest frying pan on the stove. Fill it with bacon and start the sizzle. When the bacon fills your house with salty, smoky perfume and kids slam the back door on their way in to see what's cooking, put a large pot of water on the stove, cover it and turn up the heat. Give the kids corn on the cob and have them husk it on the back porch. 

Sizzle, boil, husk. 

Wash a large head of lettuce, tear it to pieces. Slice some ruby red, juicy tomatoes. When the back door slams again, take the lid off the pot and (carefully!) drop corn in. Put sizzling bacon on paper towels to drain. Assemble kids, friends, family. Have each person slather whole grain bread with mayo and pile on bacon, lettuce, tomatoes. While they lick their fingers and wipe their chins, drain the corn. Put a full stick of (cold) butter on a plate. Taking turns, have each person spin the corn on top of the stick of butter, then sprinkle with sea salt.

Have napkins ready.
A favorite summer place in Maine-Peaks Island-where kids jump off the dock into the wake of the boats...


  1. Oh I lOVE the sound of a screen that's summer! I found you at Coastal Cottage Dreams...the crazy thing is, you are only about 30-40 minutes away! (I'm in Mattapoisett!). I adore the pie safe. I may need to save up and see if it's still around! I also am searching for a rustic dining table. Glad to have found your pretty blog :)

  2. I remember the slamming screen door when I lived in my parents house. Funny, they never said they loved it. Mostly they yelled at us to stop slamming the door. I actually had a screen door as a gate on my front fence for a while. Hurricane Wilma destroyed it.

  3. I miss you Jackie! Hope you have a great show in Brimfield!

  4. I loved every inch of that recipe-story! You are so good with words! I can still remember my childhood screen door slam too, it was an old squeaky wooden one with it's unique chipped paint squeal. Thanks for sharing! Now I want bacon!:)

  5. Summer did go by too quickly!
    The sound of a slamming screen of my best child hood memories summering with my Nana on the cape!