Saturday, June 23, 2012

Unexpected Treasure

My picker came by the other day with a "box lot" of goodies. In the bottom of the box was a cardboard folio, nothing special, no graphics or writing on the outside.
...So I opened it.
It was someone's sketchbook, purchased in Boston and lovingly used many years ago.
There were pencil sketches of coastal New England settings...

Watercolor renderings of local parks...
Studies in pencil of various animals...
One tiny signature of sorts, initials A (or L) WN
I wondered about the artist, was it a man or women? Someone young or old, did he or she take lessons?  A delightful discovery...
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  1. Very sweet. The watercolors might be nice framed and hanging on a wall.

  2. My kind of treasure...
    A wonderful discovery!

  3. Man or woman... or child. Either way, it's nice that they didn't end up in a land fill.

  4. a delightful discovery indeed! :) chris