Thursday, November 10, 2011

Puce de Vanves

Vanves is a weekend flea in Paris, I think the prices are a bit high, but oh the picking is good!
This bureau was gorgeous!
Someones well-worn lovey
I really, really wanted to bring this lady home with me, but I think it would have cost me another seat on the plane...
This and that...bits and bobs...
I think this is Eleanor Roosevelt, don't you?
 Hand embroidered linens are divine...
 This urn was nearly 3' tall!
The chairs were ridiculously cheap-$30 euro! Of course it would cost about $200 euro to send them back to the states.


  1. Thanks for the peek inside Jackie....You're right, that bureau is amazing...and I love your "lady" as well....How, exactly, do you bring your finds home? In a suitcase?? Hope you're enjoying! Me, I'm still dreaming of pâtisseries.... ;o) Smiles & Beaucoup Hugs ~ Robin

  2. So frustrating isn't it? Hope you still managed to buy something small to go in your suitcase...
    Julie x

  3. OMG! I would probably go nuts! Those chairs are amazing!

  4. Oh wouldn't it be wonderful if Europe would just float across the ocean and bump into the U.S. for just a little while so that it wouldn't be so expensive to bring home such lovely things? Everything is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your adventure with me today.



  5. Jackie, I love the bureau as well. The photos are great and thanks for sharing.

  6. Send the chairs this way I love the color of that old worm material on them

    I always wondered how much it cost to send items home because there is lots of ladies who do that

  7. I think that picture is janet reno back from the clinton era