Saturday, August 21, 2010


J'adore European style. I tend to favor the clean lines and light colors of the French, Swedish and Belgian. I'm also attracted to curves (clean lines does not mean hard corners.)

Example: A Bergere Chair-which  simply means a style of arm chair associated with French country furniture. It usually has pads on the arms, and a separate cushion, the arms/sides can be open or closed, the frame is wood, usually walnut. Modern versions often use a "pickled" or color-washed wood frame:
I'm not a style snob though, I'm just fine mixing antiques with new things. I think it's perfectly appropriate to get the look without spending the money.

 How is that accomplished? Do you homework! Research the style/design you most like. Take note of colors, the lines of the furniture, the types of materials use-cottons? linens? silks? (I like to keep a reference book with notes and pictures in my bag.)

Here is a modern copy a of Bergere Chairs:
$1200.00 before shipping and taxes

Here is a modern, reproduction bergere chair available at Bliss Farm Antiques:
Arm chair? Check! Wood frame? Check! Padded arms? Check! Upholstered seat? Check!

No, this isn't the fancy walnut antique in the previous pictures, But it also isn't $2,800.00

For only $400. you can have this French style bergere chair (and not worry if the kids or the dog gets it dirty.)

Embellish it with a genuine European grain sack pillow ($85)

 You have the style for much less, $485 as compared to $2800.00...and you get a pillow too!


  1. Hi Jackie..
    I love the look of your chair...timeless and classic! The pillow is great too! I think it is not only fine... but wonderful to mix the old with the new! :)

  2. Very nice. And - quite the bargain!!

  3. Love the driftwood look of your chairs and simple, yet elegant style.

    Now we can watch my shop transform like we did yours...I'm so excited, but I can't even start working on it till my groomings go home...I want to play NOW!!!

    I start working on Halloweenie soaps soon, I'll let you know!!!


  4. Great looking chairs and pillow.
    So glad you decided to continue with your shop and blog.
    Best wishes!