Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I have chairs like the ones featured in "Country French" magazine! Take a look...

 It's the chair by the mirror (in the magazine photo above.) You see it again the photos below-in the small photo on the left and in the large photo in the bottom right corner.

Here is a photo of the ones we have at Bliss Farm Antiques (on the right.)

They originally retailed for $1,150. I got my hands on a few and I'm selling them for $400! Come and get 'em. I want to be clear that the chairs in the mag are not MY chairs-I have the same chairs (at a way lower price.) I WISH they were pix of the chairs in my shop!


  1. Oooh La La....Jackie the chairs are so fabulous! Lucky you being in such a beautiful magazine!

  2. I love those chairs! I have a thing about chairs!!! I have no idea why. I study the lines of a piece before I buy it. I have been looking for french chairs for my kitchen. I think they are very pricey. Love your french music by the way! I have this issue as well. I even collect tiny chairs...silly me

  3. I love those chairs! Are you bringing them to Brim.? Can't wait to see you girl!