Friday, February 12, 2010


They say it's the little things that we'll remember in the end, not the big fancy gifts, but the tender moments and gestures of kindness.

When we were first dating, Steve-who was a news photographer-had to shoot a night time football game during a driving snow storm. On his way home, at almost 10 pm, my doorbell rang. When I opened the door he quickly kissed me and said "I just wanted to do that before I went home. Bye!" and he left.

I always loved to watch the surgeons at work in the ER, where I was a social worker.  I was pretty good at sewing and just knew I'd be a natural at doing stitches. That Christmas I opened a box from Steve. He had gotten me a set of surgical tools at a medical supply house! Of course it made me laugh, but it also showed me how much he really listened to me and to what lengths he would go to tickle my funny bone-a very good trait in a man.

Have you ever spent time day dreaming at work? Steve and I have gotten into the habit of calling each other and saying, "I'm having a tender moment."

Happy Valentines Day Steve, thanks for making my heart soar for nearly 20 years...



  1. Hi Jackie,
    I just got my beautiful angel milagro today & I adore it!!!! Thanks soooooo very much friend, that was such a generous offer. I love getting little gifts in the mail. {big gifts too, lol} Thanks again for sharing,
    Big Smiles,

  2. Such a sweet guy you have! I always love it when mine brings me something some has trashed because he knows I like to turn trash to treasures! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. What a beautiful and creative post!...and very touching! A sense of humor is right up there on my list of important things in a guy....Of course, I've only ever had what do I know? I just love that red crinoline!!!
    Happy Valentine's Day Jackie!

  4. Love the red crinoline, perfect for Valentine's Day. You just need to wear it tonight! I loved hearing of your "tender moments",made me sigh.
    Have a Happy Valentine's Day to you and Steve.

  5. What a treat it was to see the store today, Jackie! You have wonderful taste and we enjoyed exploring every nook and cranny. Can't wait to come back when the farm is in bloom!

  6. What tender moments daughter sits today at her Father's death bed, he was my first love. Vietnam and my mother tore us apart...but I still have the memories of our crazy times in youth, I was 18, he was 19 and our daughter is 41. She is his spittin' image and wants to let go of the strife of days gone by and reap all the memories out of his last moments she can.

    Sad times here in Iowa, but why do we cling so to the dieing in our culture...when beyond is so much more forgiving and magnificent.

    Take care friend and thanks for stopping by!