Monday, July 20, 2009

Theresa Smith-Hard at Work:)

Here is a photo of Theresa (working real hard) in her booth at Brimfield!

I just got back from the (Brimfield show) and it was a great success. I have the pleasure of being across from, in my opinion, the best designer in the country, MS. THERES SMITH of TIME WORN INTERIORS. Her work is always such an inspiration to me. I got to trade some of my stuff for hers (a "trade-up" for me!) She says she has 2 dogs but I'm beginning to doubt her-I never see 'em:)

She is on her way to Iowa. She's going to visit Ms. Wilson (who thinks she's blond but she tain't no more:) and Scratchy, and Sisters, and just everyone and everything that is anyone or anything on the lost continent... am jealous as hell!

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  1. We were just talkin' about you girl and all the neat stuff you had that she drooled over...I said I gotta get over to your blog and check out the farm, been awhile...glad you had a great show, we been shoppin' fools all day and just settled in for the night.

    We been havin' a it's all about the Marburger show...weeeeee!!!

    I'll be back...sharon the grey!!!

    oh and her dogs have been having a blast in Scratchy's yard...and yes, Scratchy's pissed...too funny...