Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"It's the moon Lukie, it's the moon!"

When I picked up our son, Luke, from the orphanage in China I was shocked to find out he had never seen the moon. Can you imagine? A child, 6 years old, and he had never seen the moon! It was an evening in early December. We were staying in a hotel in Guiyang China. The weather was chilly but not cold. and I thought it would be a relief from the stuffy hotel room. I bundled him up and grabbed my own jacket. We rode down the elevator and walked through the lobby. Opening the door, the rush of air was refreshing. I held him close and he wrapped his skinny arms around my neck. We hadn't walked 10 steps when Luke started hitting my shoulder, shouting in Chinese and pointing frantically at the sky. I looked up and realilzed he was pointing at the moon. His eyes were huge and his mouth was wide open as he poked his little hand skyward. "It's the moon Lukie, it's the moon." I said. He reached up and tried to touch it. I don't know who was more astonished-Luke at his first sight of the moon, or me, at the thought that he'd never seen it before.
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  1. I can never stop looking in awe at the moon, especially the huge harvest's surreal.

    We had 53 degrees today, it's coming your way...yippee! Maybe an early spring, wouldn't that be nice.

    The prces on the doll heads will vary as some bases are more expensive, but most will be $25.00-35.00. The one in tomorrows post will be $45.00 because of the cost of the antique flag holder base, but it is way cool when lit, it's bright red. I'll be working on them all Sunday and will post either Sunday or Monday...stay turned, the fun is only beginning...ha!


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  3. I'm glad I found you again! I'll be changing you on my favs list.