Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random thoughts

If you read this you have been tagged, here are my 25 random thoughts:

1) Raising children is much more difficult than I ever imagined.
2) I'm worried about the economy.
3) Dogs are some of my favorite people.
4) Wo Ai Ni means "I love you" in Chinese.
5) I love cats, but I hate that they kill things and bring them inside.
6) I got stuck in a snowstorm in the Mohave desert.
7) I was a switchnboard operator in 1975 and one of our accounts was the Dooby Brothers.
8) I wish I could walk out my front door and be in Manhattan, then walk out my back door and be in the south of France.
9) I secretly "stalked" my husband before he knew me (stalked in a nice way.)
10) I wish there was a laser knife to cut very delicate things.
11) I don't think I could make it through childbirth but I do wish I could feel a baby inside me.
12) I don't think I dream in color.
13) I can't fly in my dreams but I wish I could.
14) If I won a lottery I wouldn't buy things, I'd buy services.
15) If I had one wish I would wish for the ability to turn back time and re-experience things (like times with my kids when
they were little.
16) I feel like I don't use 90% of my ability.
17) I believe Jesus was really a man but I'm not convinced he was actually the son of God.
18) I love sleeping when it's raining outside.
19) Sometimes I keep the window above my bed open just an inch or two & when it rains or snows it sprinkles on my face.
20) My favorite summertime meal is corn on the cob and BLT"s.
21) I believe God talks to me.
22) I wish I could find out what happens when we die.
23) Hate is a strong word, but I hate stupid, mean people, football and onions.
24) Love is a strong word, but I love my kids, travel, being fully, 100% "in-the-moment" and really strong French cheese-the
stinkier the better.
25) I love to experience my mind processing something faster than I can even think it.



  1. Three Random Thoughts
    1. Chai and a good dessert can improve just about any situation.

    2. All my instincts tell me to follow anonymously, but my friend Jackie won't let me.

    3. I have been unusually productive this week. In some areas ... well one area ...

  2. One random thought...usually when I try to think random thoughts, I have this mental image of my brain blowing up...nothing a good stiff cup o joe won't fix(or a Corona and a twist)...

    I'll be workin one this one next week...thanks!


    you're hurtin me you know...ha!

  3. Random thought: When I read random thoughts, I feel like I am mentally checking off each thought as "agree", "disagree" or "What the *&?/?!!"