Sunday, December 14, 2008

Great weekend!

The shop was buzzing this past weekend. I had lots of customers and I'm almost out of Christmas inventory! My bags and Christmas stockings sold well, as did the candles (all natural soy in yummy scents,) and ornaments. I sold many wreaths, bunches of cut greens and swags as well.

Best of all some good friends came by on Saturday WITH DINNER!!!! My friend Doreen (with a darling shop of her own called The Meeting House on Water St. in Warren, R.I.) made 2 big pans of lasagna-she's Italian so you know it was good... She brought our other friends, Glen and Wayne (who also own a wonderful shop on Water St. called Living Design by Antique and Decorating.)

The kids played piano, we had a roaring fire and lots of good food, add the good friends and what more could you want in life? Ahh the best...

1 comment:

  1. I love your shop...and wherever did you get that darling school bell. I'm going right now to add you to my list of buds!

    Thanks for the email...sharon