Monday, November 3, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I spent the week getting the shop ready for the holidays. I know, I know, it's way to early for that. I'm having an open house November 15 and 16 so I really do have to get the place all dolled up this early. Check out the pic's-nice eh? If you'd like to stop by and see it in person please do so. I'm open Thurs.-Sun. from 10 am to 6 pm through the holidays. The Christmas stockings in the photo are made from antique french linens, all hand made and hand embroidered. You can see them on Ebay, item #220306042009.

You can also walk the labyrinth. I'll put some photos of that in here too. My family and I built the labyrinth after I saw one at the Heritage Museum in Sandwich, Mass. (on the Cape.) I was enthralled with it so I came home and looked up companies that would build me one. The least expensive option was $10,000.00! I just knew with a little elbow grease I could do it myself. I got my husband on board by telling him I would not do the project if I couldn't get most of the materials for free, or close to free. I spoke to an engineer friend of mine who told me it would require close to 900 bricks! My husband consented, thinking (silly man-don't you know me after all these years?) that I would never find 900 bricks. Well 2 hours later I found all the bricks I needed-for free-on craigslist!

My wonderful brother-in-law (thanks Jeff) and my sister (thanks Cathy) helped me load their truck, and 2 trips later we had all the bricks dumped in my yard.

Enjoy the photos!

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