Monday, October 13, 2008

Roll, roll, rolling along...

Slowly but  surely the shop is coming along. I've added pics (click on them to enlarge) and there will be more later. My shop focus is on reusing/recycling/reconfiguring and fair trade. 

An example: you could buy a table from a big retail place for $100, have it for a couple years and throw it away, or buy an antique table from me (something that's been around for 100 years and will be around for hundreds more) and pass it down to your children.

Fair trade means that the products I sell have been made by workers who get a fair wage and have decent working conditions-another thing you don't get when you buy from a major retailer. Right now about 80% of my stock is either antique or fair trade. While it's easy to find antiques it's not so easy to find fair trade products that meet my needs. I am working on locating sources that will allow me to stock exclusively fair trade items.

I'm having an "invitation only" tag sale for vendors! I sent invitations to a bunch of shop owners who will be able to come into the shop between 10/20 and 10/24 and take advantage of big, big discounts on all my merchandise-just in time to stock their shops for the Christmas season! If you didn't get an invitation, not to worry! Bring a copy of your tax ID # and you'll be welcomed with open arms. Questions? Ring me up 508-222-4108.

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